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Best Places to Eat at Disneyland on a Budget

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"Best Places to Eat at Disneyland on a Budget"
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Disneyland is a magical place where kids and adults can go and have fun together. Disneyland is also an expensive place with some very expensive places to eat. However, there are a lot of places in Disneyland to eat that are really not much more expensive than eating at fast food joints. All of the food is delicious and filling. Sometimes if a person is not real hungry a meal can be shared to save money and will be plenty filling.

One thing to remember to keep costs down is not to order drinks. Drinks are one of the biggest budget breakers at Disneyland. All restaurants that have fountain drinks also give free cups of ice water. Some of them even give it in regular size cups.

Many of the restaurants offer kids meals that come with a drink. The kid’s meals are smaller portions but are actually filling most of the time.

If a person wants pizza or pasta a really good place to go is Pizza Port located in Tomorrowland. Pizza Port is a buffet style restaurant that offers pizza, dish of pasta, or salad for under ten dollars. The slice of pizza is big enough to fill a person up. The pasta dish is quite a lot of food and there are several kinds of pasta. The salad is also filling.

Tomorrowland also has Tomorrowland Terrace, which offers breakfast for under seven dollars and lunch dishes such as burgers or sandwiches with fries or fruit for under ten dollars.

The Royal Street Veranda in New Orleans Square is a counter service restaurant that offers clam chowder or gumbo in a bread bowl for under ten dollars.

Critter Country has The Hungry Bear Restaurant where they have salads for under four dollars, burgers for under ten dollars, sandwiches under ten dollars, and deserts under five dollars. All of the burgers come with a side dish of fries or fruit.

Frontierland offers a couple great places to eat that serve similar food. The Stage Door Café offers chicken or fish sticks for under ten dollars. They come with fries or fruit. They have deserts for under six dollars. The funnel cake is delicious!

The Golden Horseshoe is the other great place to eat in Frontierland that will not break a budget. They also offer chicken and fish for the same price as Stage Door Café. The difference between the Golden Horseshoe and Stage Door Café is that The Golden Horseshoe has an excellent show to watch during the meal.

Frontierland also has The Riverbelle Terrace, which is rather expensive for lunch and dinner, but their breakfast is reasonable. They offer breakfast dishes for under eight dollars.

Fantasyland has Village Haus, which offers burgers for under ten dollars with sides of fries or fruit. They also have sandwiches and veggie burgers for under ten dollars. They offer a slice of pizza for under ten dollars as well. They have a side salad for under three dollars for those who are just not real hungry.

Troubadour Tavern in Fantasyland has a different type of meal. They have baked potatoes with toppings or bratwurst for under seven dollars and desert under four dollars. What different twist to the day!

All of the food at Disneyland is high quality and most of the time is very filling. If a person will just look around, eating at Disneyland will not break the budget.

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