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There's a lot of restaurants in Boise. As with anything, you have the good and you have the bad. Avoid the disappointment of a bad restaurant and use this guide to sample the greatest food Boise has to offer.

*Pair Restaurant
601 W. Main St.

 Bringing big city flair to small town Boise, the restaurant with the unique name offers its guests everything one could expect in a fine dining establishment. Although upscale, Pair offers reasonably priced entrees, desserts, salads, and desserts. Pair serves one of the best Martini's in Boise. It compliments almost any item on the menu of traditional American fare. Try the delicious steak choices served with your choice of side. The steak is extra tender and juicy, with fantastic flavors bursting throughout. 

*Fujiyama Japanese Restaurant
283 N.Milwaukee St.

This restaurant is always packed, and with good reason. Daily lunch specials are unbeatable, and the menu is packed with choices. The sushi is always fresh, and some of the best in the area. Sashimi, egg rolls, chicken teriyaki, and tonkatusu are terrific. This is the real deal for authentic tasting Japanese cuisine. Each meal is prepared with care, present in perfected elegantly arranged on the plate. For around $10 per person, you can experience just how good the food really is.

*Flatbread Community Oven
3139 S.Brown Way

You'll see the gigantic brick oven upon entering Flatbread Pizza, which is used to cook all of the delicious pizza served here. There are several different, yet equally tasty, choices of flatbreads, filled with generous portions of meat, spices, and herbs. The menu also offers selections such as Baked Goat Cheese,salads, pastas,and appetizers.There are specials every day for 2 or more guests, and the children's meals are hearty. Flatbread features an outdoor patio and eating area, a full service bar with beers and wines, and enchanting music filling the air.

*Goldy's Breakfast Bistro
108 S.Capital Blvd.

All of your favorite breakfast items seem to taste even better when its from Goldy's. The pancakes look and taste as if Aunt Jemima herself were in the kitchen. Biscuits are golden, buttery, melt in your mouth goodness.Goldy's offers a veggie breakfast for those with meat free diets. Enjoy free coffee while you wait; sometimes for an hour or more for a table. It's well worth it once you put that first bit in your mouth. Goldy's will become a second home!

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