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Nashville has so many wonderful restaurants, you could eat-out every night for months and never see the same place twice! As the cultural, educational and political capital of Tennessee, Nashville has influences of every kind and all are represented in the restaurants of this amazing city. Nashville has everything from Southern home-style meat and threes to exotic and unusual Ethiopian fare and everything in between.

Some of the best local burger joints in Nashville are Bobbie's Dairy Dip on Charlotte Pike and Cheeseburger Charley's in Green Hills. Bobbie's Dairy Dip has been a small, but well-loved local Nashville business since the 1950s. They have the best soft serve ice cream in Nashville and they make an amazing burger. For something a little different try to the guacamole burger. Cheeseburger Charley's is located just outside the Mall at Green Hills. It's Nashville's answer to a delicious sit-down burger joint and beats out the competition by far.

For Indian cuisine, Sitar Indian Restaurant on 21st Avenue is the best in Nashville. The service is wonderful and the lunch buffet is amazing! The bread alone is worth the trip. Located in the shadow of one of the hospitals of Nashville, the parking is a little sketchy, but the food total makes up for the hassle.

The best Mediterranean food in Nashville is actually a little outside the city itself in the neighboring bedroom community of Hendersonville. Caf Rakka is the best kept secret in middle Tennessee. The chicken dishes are absolutely phenomenal. The plating is beautiful and the outdoor seating makes something special out of a busy side street. The yogurt/cucumber sauce is the best in town and the food is well worth the trip up to Hendersonville.

There is a definite toss up for the best Italian in Nashville. Some say it's Sole Mio and other's swear by Amerigo's. Sole Mio definitely has the more authentic story. With a history in Northern Italy and a former restaurant on the Amalfi Coast, Sole Mio's definitely has the Italian advantage. However, Amerigo's has the best tortellini with crab meat this side of the Mediterranean. Both are great date restaurants and best to visit without the little ones.

For delicious Mexican fare, Nashville has an option in every part of town and all of them are good. The menus are primarily the same right down to the Speedy Gonzales lunch special guaranteed to make it to your table before you can say Green Card!

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