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Best Tamales in East Los Angeles Ca

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East Los Angeles culture has celebrated many Mexican or Spanish traditions that express the flavor of the Mexican community. One of those proud things that both East LA and Mexican culture is tamales. Now tamales is a Mexican dish that is a cross between a burrito and a soft taco. The flour in the soft tortilla shell has either beef or chicken inside the soft tortilla. Now restaurants in east Los Angeles have a wide variety of tamales for anyone to eat and enjoy the Mexican flavors. So, without further ado here is a list of restaurants that have the best tamales in East Los Angeles.

1.) First up is a restaurant that is located in the Olympic Boulevard district of east LA, this restaurant is known as Antojitos Denises. This restaurant is known for serving a lot of pork in their Mexican food. The Anojitos Denises restaurant specializes in Mexican pork rinds, cueritos, and roast pork entirely by itself. Nevertheless, roast pork is included in the tamales along with the tacos and burritos that are mouth watery delicious.

2.) The next restaurant has quite a reputation for tamales and in East LA. The restaurant known as Juanito's Tamales has the very distinction for having the best tamales not only in East LA, but in the entire LA district. Juanito's tamales restaurant has a proud history of making tamales and being hometown restaurant in East LA since 1956. Similar to the tamales in central America, Juanito's tamales have been renowned from every Los Angeles food critic to every LA TV station all calling Juanito's tamales the best in all of Los Angeles.

3.) The third entry in the best tamales in East Los Angeles is a restaurant that is actually more a bakery than a Mexican restaurant. Mascota bakery is known for its Mexican style of cakes and pan dulce. The secret weapon to this bakery is its tamales which has a wide variety selection of tamales including a tamale made of melted cheese.

4.) For the final best tamale in East Los Angeles is a restaurant located in the east first street in East LA of course. This restaurant is Tamales Lillans which is known for making the tamales bigger than most tamales. Now most Mexican restaurants would have the super big burrito, but with Tamales Lillans they have the big tamale, which is quite big and tasty for a Mexican dish. Nevertheless, Tamales Lillans provide a reliable source of tamales bringing a bang for their buck.

In short, if you live in Los Angeles and want to see the best tamales LA has to offer, then go to the east side of Los Angeles to eat the best appetizing tamales in East Los Angeles.

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