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From casual dining to more upscale choices,there are plenty of choices when dining out for Thanksgiving dinner. So which restaurants are the best for Thanksgiving dinner? Here is your guide to the best!


Cracker Barrel prepares a delicious dinner complete with turkey,ham, stuffing, cranberry sauce, hot biscuits and cornbread, mashed potatoes, dessert, and more. Cracker Barel gives you country style food at affordable prices and the Thanksgiving dinner is one of the best . For around $15 per person, it is an unbeatable deal!  Enjoy your meal surrounded by the warm fire place in a home like, cozy setting. Cracker Barrel has several locations throughout Nashville. Visit their Web site to find the one nearest


Another on the list of cheap and good eats for Thanksgiving dinner is Shoney's. For around $10 per person, Shoney's offers an all you can eat, buffet style Thanksgiving dinner, complete with all of the favorites. Turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, and all of your traditional turkey day favorites. Shoney's has several locations in the Nashville area. Find the one closest to you at


Ryan's also offers a buffet style dinner. The selections are endless and all you can eat! Feast on turkey and dressing, stuffing, pumpkin pie, banana pudding, sweet potato casserole, and more. If you don't mind the fast pace, Ryan's is an excellent choice! Ryan's Thanksgiving meal is a steal at $13 per person. Ryan's has a couple of locations in the area.


The Loveless is a Nashville favorite. Not only of Nashville, but around the world as the restaurant is named as one of the "Must Visit Restaurants in the U.S.". The Loveless Cafe offers a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner that will have your stomach thanking you. Expect heaping portions of southern Thanksgiving favorites such as turkey, ham, stuffing, green beans, sweet potato pie, and more.


An unbeatable Thanksgiving meal is served at Monelle's. You;ll feel as if you have sat down in mama's kitchen in the warm and enticing restaurant. Food is passed around the table from person to person. The meal consists of southern favorites such as turkey, stuffing, cornbread pudding, peas, and an array of other items including desert. Food at Monelle's is delicious, and it is a truly unique dining experience great for this special time of the year!

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