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Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh is a world-renowned facility and part of the UPMC Health system. Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh is dedicated to pediatric care and research. The main site moved from the Oakland section of Pittsburgh to the Lawrenceville area in May, 2009. In addition to the main campus, Children's offer ambulatory care, primary care, and specialty care centers in other locations throughout the region.


According to hospital sources, Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh began in the 19th century as one bed dedicated to infants and children. The son of a local pediatrician raised the funds for this endowment. By the 1920s, Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh had grown into six buildings and 100 beds.

In the decades since, Children's Hospital has been the source of many firsts, from the development of the polio vaccine in the 1950s by Dr Jonas Salk to performing the first pediatric heart-ling and heart-liver transplants in the world.

Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh became part of the UPMC Health system as part of a controversial merger in 2001.

The Main Campus

The New Children's Hospital campus is located at the site of the former St Francis Medical Center in the Lawrenceville section of the city. The new Children's Hospital main campus is situated on 10 acres and was designed to be environmentally friendly. The campus includes nearly 300 beds, private rooms with overnight accommodations for parents, a 10 story research center, libraries, an atrium and three parking garages. For more information on the new campus, visit http://www.chp.edu/CHP/new_campus

Free Care Fund

A free care fund has been in existence at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh since its inception. Operating under the principle that no child should be refused health care because their parents could not afford it, Children's has provided free care to children for more than a century. Over the years many organizations have supported the Free Care Fund with telethons and other fund raisers.

The most well known of these programs is likely the 'Old Newsboys'. This fund raiser was instituted in the 1930s by an editor of the Pittsburgh Press. The tradition continued even after the Pittsburgh Press was purchased by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in 1993.

According to hospital sources, more than $29 million in free and uncompensated care was provided in 2008.

Satellite locations

Ambulatory care and surgery centers are located in Children's North in Sewickley, Pa. and Children's South in Bethel Park, Pa. Primary care centers are located at the main hospital campus and in Turtle Creek, Pa. Specialty care centers offering cardiology, neurology, urology and other specialty care services are located in the Johnstown, Pa and Wheeling, West Virginia locations. As of this writing the specialty care center in Wheeling is under expansion and currently only offers cardiology care with others services coming soon.

Children's signature line- "if you have Kids, be glad you have Children's" rings with truth for many parents in the Pittsburgh area and around the world.

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