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Great Outdoor Family Activities in Broward County Fl

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"Great Outdoor Family Activities in Broward County Fl"
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There are many activities that you can do outdoors with the entire family in Broward County, Florida.  The weather is fairly good for much of the year with relatively warm temperatures and temperate winters.  The summer is hot and steamy with afternoon thunderstorms, but still plenty of opportunities for outdoor play.  The following are some great outdoor activities for the family in Broward County Florida.

The Beach

The beach is a favorite location for many families.  Many people travel from all over to visit the beach.  There are many things that you can do.  Of course, you can go swimming in the water, which is not too cold for much of the year.  You can walk along the sand, building sand castles and collecting seashells.  Many people just like to lie down and relax in the sun.  Many of the beaches in Broward County have nice places where you can walk, and there are stores, restaurants and other attractions that you can visit.  There are different beaches and many have low cost parking.  There are many restaurants where you can be right next to the beach and eat as you watch the waves.  At night, there is also plenty to do with different concerts and events along the beach.  For instance, Hollywood Beach has a band shell where they have free music many days of the week.  They also have different craft fairs along the beach as well.


There are many lovely parks in Broward County, which have many amenities for the entire family.   One park is C.B. Smith Park, which has camping, paddle boating, picnicking, biking, canoeing, playgrounds and more.  Tree Tops Park has many beautiful paths that go under beautiful trees and over a scenic lake.  These are great places to go for an afternoon picnic or just relax in the sun.  Other parks include T.Y. Park, Long Key Nature Center and many others.  Some parks offer different nature events as well.

Outdoor shopping

If you love the outdoors and love to shop, you can do both in Broward County Florida.  There are many shopping areas that combine being outside with shops.  There are also many seasonal events that occur such as the Broward County Fair, many carnivals, arts and crafts fairs and other events.

It is wonderful for children to be outdoors.  There are many wonderful activities in Broward County, Florida, that take place outside. Consider the above activities for your family. 

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