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How to get a Job at Crater Lake National Park

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"How to get a Job at Crater Lake National Park"
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Crater Lake National Parks has lots of opportunities for employment. The best way is to know what you want to do. Rangers, police, people that work in the hotel or gift store, and those who run the boats on the lake all work there. Working for the national park has its own employees from biologists to fire fighters to a myriad of other choices.

Appling through the Department of Interior's application is an excellent start when choosing to work at Crater Lake. The application covers everything related to employment including the smallest amount of fire fighting or science knowledge the applicant has. It is very extensive with several pages of questions related to the different sectors of the job. The time to fill out and mail the application is the off-season anytime from September to February for best results. Having any kind of work experience related to park work, whether volunteer or paid, increases the chance that the admissions representative selects you. Because of the amount of applicants, you need to apply a year in advance. Apply at: USAjobs.gov to get a position.

The other way to get a job at Crater Lake is to work at one of the concessions: the gift store, restaurant, or boat marina. Knowing someone there helps in the chance of getting the job. Having the right skills that go with the job is important, as most do not train their workers. Apply to: Human Resources, 1211 Avenue C, White City, OR 97503. They also have an application online. This application too is extensive and takes up to thirty minutes to complete. The applicants can update or change their application once completed. The concessionaires are private businesses separate from the Park Service that provide employees to help make the park experience more enjoyable to visitors.

Young people are the backbone of the National Parks including Crater Lake. Summer Internships give students a chance to see what a job entails while giving them a little money to help with expenses. They also include a room in most cases. Interns usually stay at Crater Lake while some students may commute for their shifts.

To get started with Crater Lake and make some friendship and get to know people, begin by volunteering. Many volunteer positions are available. Friends of Crater Lake help to build trails, do maintenance work, and work in the visitor centers. Other jobs include working with the ski patrol. These opportunities provide experience working with the public and that can lead to a paid job with the National Park if desired.

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