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Is Phoenix Az a Good Place to Raise a Family in – Yes

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"Is Phoenix Az a Good Place to Raise a Family in - Yes"
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Just as with most cities there are better areas in Phoenix than others for one to live and raise a family in, that are considered to be low crime, have good schools, offer plenty of activities and are over-all great places for children and their parents. In general, Phoenix is a fabulous city to raise a family in and the entire state of Arizona has so much to offer.

Once you become accustomed to the heat during the summer months you will appreciate how nice the weather in Phoenix is all year round. You won't have to spend fifteen minutes every morning in the winter months shoveling snow from the walkway, clearing snow from the car windshield and warming up the engine just to get started to be on your way to school or work.

There aren't many preparations one must take to get in the car and be on their way when living in Phoenix because of how nice the year round weather is. Phoenix is situated in an area of the state that makes it easy to get to the desert for hiking, biking and camping. The lakes are also easily accessible from Phoenix for jet skiing as well as snow country for sledding. To get to any of these areas for yearly outdoor activities takes anywhere from forty-five minute's to a couple of hours. 

Phoenix has a number of large and interesting museums with the Arizona Science Center in downtown being a major draw for kids. There are plenty of shopping malls with a large variety of specialty shops in the Phoenix area. Boys and Girls Clubs and the YMCA's are also plentiful in the Phoenix area.

Of course there are some parts of town that are better than others to live in. The west valley from  27th Avenue to 87th Avenue from Buckeye Road to Dunlap Road tend not to be the better one's. Central Phoenix from 7th Avenue to 7th Street from Northern Avenue on up to Bethany Home Road are very nice with older homes that sit on large pieces of land with many having space for horses and large gardens. The homes in this area can easily sell for a half million dollars or more. The Camelback Mountain corridor is another fine area with homes selling for as much as three or four million dollars. The north valley from Peoria to Union Hills also offers some excellent options for which to raise a family in. Downtown Phoenix has a section of neighborhoods that have been labeled as the historic home district and is another excellent choice for bringing up your family.

There are many good schools in the Phoenix area that offer both public and private education. It's is best to put some thought into exactly what you are looking for and what you are able to afford in terms of housing cost and with this information make your decision as to where you will live. Just driving through different neighborhoods in the city can give you a good idea whether or not you and your family wish to live there. Asking other people who live in Phoenix is another excellent way to get information about the best parts of town to live in.

Be sure to do your homework when deciding on what area you will call home. Contacting and speaking with a few real estate companies can also be quite helpful. The Chamber of Commerce provides a wealth of information about the different neighborhoods as well. You can also obtain a good amount of information by searching on the Internet.

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