Buckingham Fountain and the Willis Tower during Christmas in Chicago

Places to Volunteer for the Christmas Holidays in Chicago Il

Buckingham Fountain and the Willis Tower during Christmas in Chicago
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"Places to Volunteer for the Christmas Holidays in Chicago Il"
Caption: Buckingham Fountain and the Willis Tower during Christmas in Chicago
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Christmas in Chicago can be a beautiful time of year, full of twinkling lights in the Magnificent Mile District, holiday music through the speakers at the malls and even fireworks at Navy Pier.  However, Christmas can also be a difficult time for the many less fortunate families of Chicago. 

Even if you haven’t volunteered with a worthy charity foundation all year or you have never volunteered before, Christmas is a wonderful time to volunteer in Chicago.  There are a number of different not for profit organizations that are looking for volunteers to help those in need.

Christmas Cheer Foundation

The Christmas Cheer Foundation works strictly with volunteers to deliver food and gifts to needy families in the Chicago metropolitan area.  In need of volunteers the weeks before Christmas as well as Christmas Day, volunteers prepare meals, wrap toys, clean and deliver meals to the hungry. 

708-383-0661 Saint Cyprian Parish 2601 North Clinton  River Grove, IL

Chicago Anti-Hunger Association

The Chicago Anti-Hunger Association helps to find volunteer opportunities in the Chicago area.  They are in special need of volunteers for the Christmas Holidays to work both in the public and behind the scenes.  They work with soup kitchens and shelters within Chicago and have provided more than 3.6 million meals a year since their founding in 1990.

773-252-3663 4345 W. Division Street  Chicago, IL

Little Brothers: Friends of the Elderly

Christmas time can be extra hard on the elderly because they may not be able to leave their homes or they don’t have friends and family to spend the holiday with.  Little Brothers: Friends of the Elderly is a wonderful program that holds a celebration specifically designed for elderly people.  Volunteer drivers are needed to help escort the elders from their homes to the Christmas celebration, or hold a party within their homes (for those unable to leave).  Volunteers are also needed to help cook, decorate, serve and clean.  Holiday bag deliveries are made for some of the elders who would otherwise spend their Christmas alone.

355 North Ashland Avenue  Chicago, IL 312-455-1000

Chicago’s Christmas Ship

Chicago’s Christmas Ship is a special volunteer organization derived from the marine community in Chicago.  The website states, “It is dedicated to the acquisition and donation of Christmas trees, which are donated to the disadvantaged.  It is dedicated to the betterment of the Christmas Season for families and children who would not otherwise have had an opportunity to afford, experience and enjoy the Holiday Season with a Christmas tree.”

Volunteers must pre-register by filling out online form

Passing on the Christmas spirit need not be limited to one’s own family.  Belonging to a community demands stretching out a helping hand to those less fortunate.  Volunteering is beneficial to those being helped, as well as those helping.  It is a great lesson to appreciate one's own blessings and learning to give more than one takes. 


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