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Romantic Date Ideas for Valentines Day in Carson City Nv

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"Romantic Date Ideas for Valentines Day in Carson City Nv"
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Carson City may be the capital of Nevada, but is not nearly as well known as a certain city to the south in Nevada, known as Las Vegas.  Carson city is actually more of a small town, but for that very reason can actually be very romantic.  When you are looking for something to do in Carson City for Valentine's day, there are several options.  There are casinos with inexepensive buffets and specials, just as there are in Las Vegas, but in Carson City, you also have the advantage of the beauty of nature surrounding you, which is an advantage that you don't have in Las Vegas.  Here are just a few of the things that you can do for Valentine's day in or near Carson City.

In Carson City, there are many historical sites and museums that you may want to visit for Valentine's day, especially if either you or your partner has an interest in history.  If you are more the "dinner and a movie" type, you may want to consider visiting Casino Fandango, where there is a beautiful movie theater and several nice restaurants inside.  You may even want to stop at the table games section here and enjoy a few hands of blackjack.  If you wish to spend the night, the Marriott next door is a beautiful hotel, and will fit your needs perfectly.  

Most of the best activities in the vicinity of Carson City are actually outside the city limits.  Just up the hill from Carson City is Lake Tahoe.  Famous for it's skiing, not to mention the beautiful lake, this is a great place to spend Valentine's Day.  You may want to stay in one of the spa suites at the Montbleu casino for the evening, where you can enjoy some quiet time with your sweetheart in your room.  Add rose petals for an especially romantic effect.  Spending the day on the slopes above Heavenly Village may also be a good choice or spending the day in Heavenly Village where you can shop and enjoy yourself.  You can even take a ride on a one horse open sleigh at Stateline.  You may also want to head out to the lake itself for a very romantic afternoon or evening.  Just make sure to bundle up. 

If you would prefer more of a historical journey for Valentine's day, there are several options available to you.  Minden and Gardnerville are just south of Carson City, and both have many historical sites, including a beautiful hotel that appears straight out of an old fashioned western movie.  The antique shops in these two towns also lend themselves to a romantic day.  For dinner, you may want to head to the Carson Valley Inn, which is a small hotel and casino with some very nice restaurants inside.

If you prefer more of the Las Vegas appeal, you can always head up to Reno.  Reno has casinos, malls and all of the things you would find in a Las Vegas style town.  It's just a little bit smaller. 

Whatever your choice, Carson City is a great place for a quiet, romantic Valentine's Day.  Lake Tahoe, Reno, Minden and Gardnerville are all in very close proximity to Carson City, to the point where it still feels like you are in the same city as Carson City is the central point connecting all of these places together.  While there may not be as much in Carson City as there is in Las Vegas, the romance seems to be more pronounced because of the historical feel of the town itself, as well as the towns surrounding it, making it a great place to spend Valentine's day.

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