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Christmas is upon us! I'm so frenetic this year that I won't be travelling anywhere this Christmas break. Why am I so charged to be stuck at in town, you ask? You probably guessed, but I'll tell you anyways. Because it's ideal time to deck my house with a glorious Christmas light show that no one will forget any time soon. Forget decking the halls, I'm going to deck my whole house this year with as many Christmas lights as I can possibly string and set up together meanwhile trying not getting fined by my Scrooge of a energy company. Bid me hope!

First off, I've got a secret energy-saving weapon this year and that is LED xmas lights! These puppies last much lengthier and don't such up as much energy additionally. Which is myself practicing my role to be Carbon-cutting and yet proceed to deck out my spectacular Christmas light show at home. Second, I've got the nicest 3D framed Christmas light decoration, and it's not your routine polar bear, reindeer or something equally square. Heck no, it's a lot nifty than that but I cannot disclose it to you (the neighbors might be spying). With this and some great net Christmas lights and definitely no overplayed icicle lights, I'll be the envy of all my neighbors this year.

Now if you happen to live in my or around my Henrietta neighborhood area in Rochester, New York, you should come on down to see the best Christmas light displays in town. This is the time of year when we neighbors all bust out our best to beat each other in a Christmas light turf war that has been going on since before anyone can remember. It's tough, it's intense, and it's the most brilliant spectacle every night during the Christmas holiday season. So much so that our neighborhood easily draws in a huge massive crowd every night, peaking during Christmas day when most people are on holiday. I've always joked with my neighbors that we should start charging admission to cover our costs, which can easily amount up to the thousands of dollars easily if you're not careful and get overly carried away with the whole competition. The key is to stay within budget and still look like you're trying but not to go way overboard and way out and beyond your means since you still need to feed your family before keeping up with the Rochester Joneses. So if you're jonesing for the best Christmas light display in town, you know that Rochester is the place to be. I hope to see you there, merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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