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The Nicest Suburbs to Live in near Des Moines Iowa

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"The Nicest Suburbs to Live in near Des Moines Iowa"
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The Nicest Suburbs To Live In Near Des Moines, Iowa


There are many suburban areas around Des Moines which are good locations to reside in depending on the type of service in question and depending on the working and commuting conditions too.

Given below is a list of most ideal suburbs around Des Moines.

* suburb names are given in alphabetical order

# 1. Altoona:

Altoona is located approximately 5 miles away from Les Moines in Polk County and is one of the lowest city tax rates in the city. This place is conveniently located quite close to two important airports, namely, the Des Moines International Airport (approximately 20 minutes away) and the Ankeny Airport (approximately 15 minutes away).

Altoona offers small town quality of city amenities and boasts of an aquatic park, a library, five major restaurants and a fire fighting department. Wal-Mart is the major departmental store and the residential area is accommodating, picturesque and peaceful. There are quite a lot of trails in the woods, bike trails and garden walk which are good for outdoor recreation.

# 2. Ankeny

Ankeny is located north of Des Moines along the intersections of interstate 35 and 80. It is a business town and has a very thriving community in terms of education, sports, worship, night life and businesses.

Residents of Ankeny have easy access to Ankeny Regional Airport, the Railroad and also Interstates 35 and 80. Ankeny is conveniently located just ten minutes away from Les Moines and enjoys all the attractions that Les Moines also has to offer.

# 3. Bondurant

Bondurant is located northeast of Des Moines and is an active, upcoming town. It has open stretches of land that have become ideal residential areas away from the hustle and bustle of Des Moines. It is also located near a lot of services that the big city has to offer. It is located along Highway 65 and is about half an hour away from the Des Moines international Airport. Terrain tends to slope slightly towards the south.

# 4. Carlisle

Carlisle is a green town full of hills and hiking trails. This is an ideal residential area for those who love a quiet life away from the hectic and fast schedules that des Moines has to offer. It is an ideal business location because of its proximity to Highway 5 and Interstates 35 and 80. The neighborhood is rated as being clean and friendly. It is also easy to access locations like the Science Center of Iowa, and the Blank Park Zoo.

# 5. Clive

Clive has a reputation as being one of the nicest suburbs of Des Moines to live in. It is part of two counties Polk and Dallas and is part of the western suburbs of Des Moines close to Windsor Heights and Urbandale. It is located at the crossroads of interstates 35 and 80. According to the Forbes magazine for best locations to live in Des Moines, Clive tops the list for its friendliness, least crime rate and convenience to almost all facilities and entertainment. It is also famous for its greenbelt and walking trail. Many state and city bike runs are organized along this trail.

# 6. Indianola

Indianola, located south of Des Moines, is famous for its vanpools which offer combined travelling for people to and from work to ease and lessen commuting costs. This also helps in reducing the pollution levels in this place. Highway 5 bypass ruins through Indianola. Des Moines Metro Opera, National Balloon Museum, Simpson College and National Balloon Classic are located in this suburb.

According to surveys conducted in Indianola, 58 % of its residents say that the quality of life is good, and 51 % say it is a good place to raise children. 58 % say that they live here is because of good and comfortable small town atmosphere away from the busy city.

# 7. Urbandale

Citizens of Urbandale describe this place as *a growing city with small town charm*. Urbandale is an upcoming city with a lot of recreational parks, budding educational institutions and promising businesses. The residential areas are pretty and scenic and the atmosphere is pleasant. It is also a good get away location for those living in the main city of Des Moines.

# 8. Waukee

Waukee is an old suburb of Des Moines and dates back to 1878. It is now an urban town of the Greater Des Moines Metropolitan Area. It is famous for its school district and park facilities which stresses on the importance this town gives to families and is family oriented. has rated Waukee as one of the fastest towns in terms of job growth and business popularity. The Alice's Road Corridor project is underway which will link Waukee to interstate 80 and open up a plethora of job opportunities and convenient residences.

# 9 . West Des Moines

West Des Moines is located at the intersection of Interstate 35 and 80. It is part of three counties namely Polk, Warren and Dallas. It is described as one of the fastest growing areas in the state. It has 16 big restaurants and its residences are pretty. West Des Moines is famous for its Valley View and Holiday Park Aquatic Centers, Raccoon River Park Softball Complex, full service Community Center, and the Raccoon River Park Nature Lodge.

# 10. Windsor Heights

This suburban town is the only town to borders many towns such as Urbandale, Clive West Des Moines and Des Moines in the main Metro area. It is considered to be one of the top level suburbs that the city of Des Moines is dependent on. It has some of the most convenient housing, because of its location, and people working either in the suburbs or the city can find a convenient spot to lodge. It is also the area of many educational institutions, such as the Grand View College, Des Moines Area Community College, Iowa State University, Drake University and William Penn University.


Those who are looking for suitable residential areas can make a pick from one of these based on what they are looking for and their work spot. Most of these suburbs, although small to urban towns, are fed with the services and amenities from the main city of Des Moines.

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