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What Makes Huntsville Al a Family Friendly City

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"What Makes Huntsville Al a Family Friendly City"
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When it comes to determining what makes a city a family-friendly town, there are many factors to consider. Some of these factors include education, recreation, things to do, employment, and affordability. Fortunately, Huntsville, Alabama fits the bill under all of these categories and more.


It is commonly known that Huntsville is home to more Ph.D.s per square mile than any other town in Alabama. This is in part to the excellent educational resources found in Huntsville, Alabama. There are several higher education choices where people from all over the world choose to come to Huntsville to attend one of the many universities and colleges. Huntsville is home to the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH), Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University, Oakwood University, and many private colleges.

Although the higher education choices are superb, children have the opportunity to receive a good quality education. Huntsville City Schools are known for academic excellence. They are constantly updating their curriculum to challenge young minds. Many students of all grade levels tend to receive high test scores.


Recreation is in no short supply in Huntsville, Alabama. There are many options for hiking, camping, fishing, and picnicking. There are several roller skating rinks as well as an ice skating rink. Huntsville is also home to Southern Adventures, which has mini-golf as well as other fun activities. In the summer, Southern Adventures also has a water park.

Huntsville also is big on sports. It is home to professional sports such as baseball, hockey, and arena football. Many children enjoy playing city sports. City baseball is a big thing in Huntsville. Huntsville also has youth soccer, football, and cheerleading.

Cultural Arts

Museums are plentiful as well. At Big Spring Park is the Huntsville Art Museum. Just a short distance from there is the Early Works Museum, which is a hands-on children’s history museum. Constitution Village is a historic area that people of all ages enjoy visiting. In fact, this is where the Alabama constitution was originally drafted. On the west side of Huntsville is Sci-Quest, a hands-on children’s science museum. Of course there is the staple US Space and Rocket Center, which is home to Space Camp and Aviation Challenge.

Perhaps you would rather enjoy a play or ballet? Huntsville has several theater groups for adults and youth. The Huntsville Symphony has some amazing concerts as well. All of these are held at the Von Braun Center across from Big Spring Park.


Huntsville always has some sort of family-friendly event going on. However, there are a few events that have become a tradition for many Huntsville families. In April, at Big Spring Park, is Panopoly. It is a three day event celebrating all art forms from visual art to performing arts. In May and July, there are two Native American powwows where families can come learn more about Native people today. In September there is Big Spring Jam where many local and big name bands come and play some amazing music. This doesn’t even come close to all of the amazing events that are designed for the entire family to enjoy.


There are several major companies that call Huntsville home. Since Huntsville, Alabama is considered a military town, many of the companies are government contractors. Some of these companies include Boeing, Teledyne Brown, Adtran, Lockheed Martin, Samina SCI, and many others. Huntsville is nicknamed the Rocket City for a reason. NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center is based on Redstone Arsenal. Other popular employers include Huntsville Hospital and Crestwood Hospital. There are even more doctors' offices. Sometimes the choices seem endless.


Huntsville, Alabama is well below the national average when it comes to affordability. Rental properties and other real estate are reasonably priced as are grocery prices. This allows families to have a little extra each month to spend on a variety of events and activities in the area.

These are only a few factors to consider when choosing to live in Huntsville, Alabama. There are so many more factors that make Huntsville an amazing place to raise a family. Regardless of what you personally look for in a city that makes it family-friendly, chances are that Huntsville, Alabama can fulfill those needs, wants, and desires.

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