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What Makes Los Angeles Ca a Great Place to Live

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"What Makes Los Angeles Ca a Great Place to Live"
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Everyone usually thinks of their home town as a great place to live, but what makes Los Angeles stand out among large metropolitan cities as a great place to live rests in it's combination of attractions that are like no other in the world. Los Angeles offers the best of nearly every aspect of life in both quantity and quality, with the only thing missing being winter snow sports - which are available with only a few hours drive east to the Nevada mountains. All in all, Los Angeles seemingly has something for everyone in terms of recreation and lifestyle, and chances are if an individual is looking for something and it is not available in LA it cannot be found anywhere.

What makes Los Angeles, CA a great place to live begins with it's citizens, many of whom are originally from some other location. Los Angeles draws new residents from all over the world, and with each new citizen comes a small piece of another culture and location to the LA area. This cultural diversity presents itself in a wealth of interesting foods, fashions, languages and philosophical outlooks on life that make up the feel and texture of life in Los Angeles. LA is truly an international city that always stands on the cutting edge of the latest trends in both style and technology, and citizens tend to embrace the unusual aspects of life as their own with open arms and minds.

Los Angeles is a great place to live because of the attractions it has to offer for every individual regardless of their position on the economic ladder - a Hollywood mogul can find themselves engaged in conversation with a minimum wage worker from a third world country while at the beach, and personal associations are formed that are not possible in other locations. Although the LA metro area has considerable sprawl, sporting, outdoor and entertainment attractions enable a strong community bond and sense of togetherness between people of widely ranging backgrounds, religious beliefs and political views.

Lastly, what makes Los Angeles a great place to live is that the area provides the best amenities of big-city life with access to wonderful opportunities in education and career choices for its residents. Although it may not be recognized nationally as a great place to raise a family, Los Angeles offers children a global education outside of the classroom setting that cannot be found elsewhere.

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