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About Living Local 360



"Our mission is to impact communities in a positive way."



We do this by creating content that will connect businesses with the local community.


Our goal is to always be innovating and improving in every phase of life including our business. We are a product driven company that believes in providing a platform, which will allow the consumer and local business owners to more positively communicate with one another.

Who We ARE

"Experts over executives."


We have been in print for 29 years and digital marketing for over 7 years. Living Local 360 consists of a team of committed professionals that are dedicated to building powerful approaches and developing cost-effective, proficient and effective marketing campaigns in a unique way. We take you where you want to go quicker and more efficiently. We do this by focusing on your unique selling position. We save you time, money and we produce results. Our strategies are well thought out, focused and effective so that your company can stand out from the competition. We work with traditional media and new technologies such as digital and social media marketing to ensure that each and every campaign is efficient and effective. We will work with you to determine the best and most cost effective ways to appeal to your target market.

Jessica Kimble Idaho Sales and Marketing Director

Jessica Kimble

Marketing Director



Alison Henslee Bonners Ferry Living Local Marketing Manager

Alison Henslee

Marketing Manager

Bonners Ferry

Allyia Briggs Coeur d'Alene Marketing Manager

Allyia Briggs

Like Media Director of Marketing

Cassie pic1.jpg

Cassie Riendeau

Director of Sales and Marketing




Nichole Seefried

Washington Marketing Manager


Morgan Selenius

Marketing & Sales Assistant

Colin Anderson / Staff Writer & Distribution Manager

Colin Anderson

Staff Writer / Distribution Manager



Abigail Thorpe

Staff Writer


Jackson Russo

Marketing Manager

Whitney Lebsock Creative Director

Whitney Lebsock

Creative Digital Director


Maddie Horton / Design Director

Maddie Horton

Creative Director



Darbey Scrimsher

Lead Graphic Designer

Jillian Chandler Writer /  Editor

Jillian Chandler

Editor In Chief



Kennedy Pew

Graphic Designer

Rachel Figgins Marketing Manager

Rachel Figgins

Director of Operations


Kim Russo Managing Partner

Kim Russo

Managing Partner


Steve Russo Executive Director

Steve Russo

Executive Director



Great magazine, great people, highly recommended. Colin has been a great help to my business. He brings a professional approach with a one-of-a-kind personality. He takes the time to fully understand what it is you want and then delivers. If you’re looking for a great publication to read or advertise in this one is it!


Dr. Joe Tessendorf of Tessendorf Chiropractic

Hayden, Idaho

With nearly 40 years of “Boots on the Ground” marketing experience, I understand how difficult it is to actually measure the success of any particular form of media. And by the way, I measure success by an actual phone contact or somebody walking through my front door, asking about a specific product or promotion. We have been very pleased with the number of customers from Coeur d’Alene to Bonners Ferry asking about a product or promotion that they had seen in one of the Living Local magazines.


Mike Gunter

Ponderay Design Center/Sandpoint Furniture

Ponderay, Idaho

If you can picture a business down in a rabbit hole, that is where we reside 8-10 hours a day. How in the world were we going to get the word out that there is a treasure down that hill, that is not visible to the public? Along came Julie from Gig Harbor Living Local.


Since we placed our ad in this wonderful magazine, we have caught the attention of people in the Harbor. Most people that wander down by the advice of the magazine tell me they had no idea we were even here…but that magazine, “Living Local” led them here. 


I have seen the cash effect of this magazine. I thank Julie all the time when I see her.


The magazine is well put together with wonderful articles, short stories about the businesses in the area, and the graphics are amazing.


We find our magazine in our customer’s vehicles. They tell me how much they love this local magazine. I can go on and on about what a great way to get your business out there for people to find, but I will stop at just saying, it is a great investment of your money and you will get a return.


Patty Denny, Fix Auto

Gig Harbor, Washington

"I have advertised with Like Media since they started Gig Harbor Living Local. They are always focused on what makes me more successful, it's a partnership, the more we succeed the better they do. In my 15+ years of owning my own shop, I've found that to be an unusual, old school way of operating.


I couldn't recommend them more highly!! I consider it a privilege to be the Auto Repair shop in their magazines and feel it sets me above and apart from the competition.


Take my advice and sign up before your competition finds these guys and aces you out."

Howard Mackert, Owner/President at Mackert Automotive LLC

We love Deal It Local. In the First week we received 3 of the ‘$15 off any service’ coupons! It has been one of our best forms of advertising.


—Riverside Auto Center   

   Bonners Ferry, Idaho

I wasn't aware of the power of advertising until I starting working with Living Local. They know how to advertise and market your business to take you to the next level. After our first ad ran in Living Local, we saw an increase in business. The talented team at Living Local designs beautiful ads that make your business stand out.


Brissa Peterson

Tork Electric, Inc.

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