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Alison Henslee offers Living Local 360 many years of experience and expertise. She has worked in a variety of businesses over her lifetime, including 14 years doing administrative work, before becoming a business owner herself. After six years of running two successful businesses, Alison closed that chapter in 2017 and first worked as a contributing writer before joining the team as our Bonners Ferry marketing manager.


She has been a part of the Bonners Ferry community for almost 50 years, where she feels blessed to live and work, having raised her two children, Sarah and Wyatt, and now enjoys spending as much time as possible with her first grandchild, Layla. Alison’s mother also lives in Bonners Ferry as well as her vast collection of extended family and friends!  


One aspect of her Living Local position that Alison appreciates the most is reconnecting with the Bonners Ferry business community. “I’m very entrepreneurially minded, so I enjoy thinking of creative ways to work with and promote each client, plus I’m passionate about promoting my community as a whole,” says Alison. “I am also thrilled to be part of such a positive and productive team.”


Alison doesn’t just work in the community—she is a part of her community as well. She has been involved with the Chamber, 9B Women and The Coalition/Boundary County Entrepreneurs. She supports and donates to various causes whenever she can and is part of a group that is contemplating starting a year-round farmers/artisans/food market.


When it comes to someone who has inspired her the most in life, Alison credits her mother. “She took a part-time job at our library in her mid-40s after being a stay-at-home mom with no formal degree and retired 32 years later (at age 75!); 20 years as the director,” Alison says. “She won a prestigious national award which she collected at the White House, served on a commission for President Bush (II), was heavily involved in our community and finished off her tenure by bringing a MIT Fab Lab to Boundary County—and then the Library won Best Small Library of 2017 based off of her work. I aspire to be half the incredible woman she is!”


Our Living Local family is grateful to have the addition of Alison to our team, and we know she is a great asset to our Bonners Ferry Living Local publication—and the community as a whole.


When not working, Alison enjoys art, traveling, photography, camping and kayaking.


A quote that Alison lives by in both her personal and professional life: “If you know you can do better, do better.”

Alison Henslee Bonners Ferry Living Local Marketing Manager

Alison Henslee

Bonners Ferry Living Local Marketing Manager





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