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Impact of Apple Logo on Logo Design

One of the most famous corporate logos in the world is the apple logo. Originally, however, this was not the logo we know of today, but a picture of Sir Isaac Newton sitting under the apple tree. This logo did not last long, and it was quickly replaced with the rainbow apple, which was used until 1998.

There is speculation that while many consider the apple with the bite out of it as a reference to Isaac Newton, others feel that it is homage to Alan Turing, a mathematician who committed suicide by eating an apple laced with cyanide. He was considered a father of the computer.

The logo proved to be revolutionary in how it was designed. With the apple logo, the company was able to achieve something that was not only cutting edge in its design, but at the same time provide something simple that was easy for people to remember. Another great part of the apple logo, was that the apple had nothing to do with computers, except the name of the company. For its time, it was a highly innovative design.

By 1999, Apple began using the monochrome logo. In the nearly 30 years since the logo was created, it has become one of the most recognized brand symbols in the world. It is used on all apple products around the world. It has proven so effective, and so innovative, that the company does not even put the company name on it. Through its innovative logo and marketing system, it has created brand awareness through the apple logo, without using their name.

For a company to use its logo without their name on it, that is truly revolutionary in the world of marketing.

Many companies since then have copied the apple logos idea and worked their own way to making a well-known logo that does not feature their name, but just the logo instead. A logo says a lot about your company so it's important to spend time on designing the right logo.

However, none have ever reached the success or brand recognition that the apple logo has. The marketing team at Apple was far ahead of their time, and they played a big part in the success of the apple brand. Now it has been extended with the iPhone and the iPhone logo.

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