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Rethinking Your Digital Marketing Strategies

While many businesses have embraced the marketing capabilities of email and social media, they also need to strategize the way they use these digital platforms.

The general rules of business still apply. You want your customers to remember how you made them feel – that they were welcomed and helped to the fullest extent. But customers aren’t always going to need your business. But when they do, you want your business to be on the top of their minds.

Here are a few things to consider when rethinking what hasn’t worked for your business in terms of marketing and reminding your customer base that you’re there for them.


Just like you’ve done your market research about your product or service, you need to research the average amount a company like yours spends on marketing. There is no single answer as to how many people your marketing reaches, but it is a necessary investment in creating brand awareness. Then, you have to consistently follow through, so that more people know who you are and where they can find you. Ideally, you want to be the first brand they think of when they need a product or service that you provide. While the national chains have more money to reach a larger audience, you can build your brand locally by specifically targeting your audience.

Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are not new, but business owners should approach them differently. Instead of going to an email marketing service who buys email lists in your area, send your email campaigns to the customers who have already signed up to receive information from you. Have in-store sign-ups or have an option on your website where people voluntarily give their contact information.

Think mobile first. Most people open their email on their smartphones. Design your campaign for that person doing a quick check through their email. Think about what information you need from them, such as a brief survey to take or requiring they bring in a downloadable coupon to the store. In your survey, you could ask their age group or notify them about your presence on a social media platform. Then use that information for your next campaign.

Social Media

Having a Facebook page has officially surpassed the need for having a website upfront. Customers are more likely to research a company on Facebook before going to that company’s site. Think of it as the introductory page that should be frequently updated with the most pressing information to draw people to your site and ultimately to your store.

Twitter is not going away any time soon, and it is an effective tool for broadcasting store events. It’s a way to create a sense of urgency about using your product or service. Use the tool frequently, it’s never about just advertising a one-time event.

Content marketing is using specific keywords in your website text that helps the Internet search engines connect with your customers. Have you ever been on Facebook or on a website and later have seen an ad for what you searched for earlier? That’s content marketing. The search engines take customers’ search history and customize the advertising based on it. Google Ad words has cornered the market on how users search for information and may be worth researching.

Lastly, don’t give up. Marketing is a constant battle. There are different demographics to target and therefore a different way of reaching them or “speaking their language.” Remember, the way a teenager speaks varies from how a 50-year-old would, but both might be your customer. How will you reach out to them? Through your messages, let people get to know you. Let them know that you care, and in turn, they’ll care about what you have to offer them.

Living Local 360 is a marketing service that works with its business clientele to build onto digital platforms the best ways possible.

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