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New Contributor Assignment Process & Completion

Thank you for becoming a contributor for Living Local Magazines. Each contributor's unique perspective is vital to the monthly realization of this magazine, and we appreciate your role in making Living Local publications a success.  


It is important for all contributors to literally 'be on the same page' when completing assignments. This sheet explains what each contributor needs to do to help the publishing process run smoothly.


Section 1. Monthly Meetings


Editors and managers will hold monthly editorial meetings at which time content and photos will be planned out at least two months in advance. During this meeting, the editor and managers will assign articles and photos to contributing writers/photographers, doing their best to assign a story in a contributorís area of interest. If you have ideas for stories or photos, please email them to the editor or manager so that we can be sure to review and incorporate these stories into future issues.


Section 2. Assignment Due Dates


Articles and photos are due on the 15th of each month for Washington publications and the 20th for Idaho, with the exception of Bonners Ferry which is due the 5th of each month. If for any reason you have trouble meeting the due dates, please reach out to the editor of the magazine in advance for help.


Section 3. Article Format


It is very important that all articles are written in the same format. All articles are single-spaced and contain a single space after each period. The break between paragraphs will be double-spaced. Please submit all articles in Word format or shared on Google drive.


Article title and by-line needs to be written in this format:


Writing For Magazines

A step-by-step guide on how to write for magazines

By Jane Doe


Main titles should be a maximum of 5 words. Subtitles may be longer. 


Section 5. Process for Submitting Articles


Since producing a new magazine each month is such a large endeavor, it is extremely important that this process is followed because it saves time for the editor and designers.


Fully finished articles should be emailed to the editor along with photos that go with the article. Please email this to When photos are included, provide photo credit for them. Photos cannot be pulled off the Internet and used without permission, even if you provide the name of the photographer. If you are providing photos, please be sure they are a minimum 300 dpi. 


Each month you will email your finished article to the editor by the designated deadline along with photos and photo credit. It is very important this is sent as one email and that everything is included. Alternatively, if photos are high resolution, you may also send them as a drop box link to the editor or share them in a Google drive folder. Please include the link in your email. 


Section 6. Article & Photo Use Agreement


Contributor permits Living Local 360 to publish, re-use, distribute, or lend articles, photos, and other contributions to various Living Local 360 publications and/or entities. Contributor holds Living Local harmless for any consequences incurred as a result of publication of contributorís articles and/or photos. Contributor agrees to only submit original contributions, photos, and articles for use by Living Local 360. Contributor agrees to submit articles and photos that are free of copyright infringement between contributor and any third party entity not named in this agreement.


Download this document, sign it and return it to our editor.


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